Tips and Tricks

Tire Maintenance

Tires do require some minimal maintenance, such as checking tire pressure and rotating your carts tires to maximize their life.

Battery Maintenance

How To Clean Wheels

Probably the single biggest mistake when cleaning wheels is to use industrial cleaners, which can contain harsh abrasives. Mild soap or car wash soap and warm water is sufficient for routine cleaning. 

After cleaning chrome-plated wheels, you can apply a non-abrasive carnauba wax to prevent surface corrosion and sustain a great look. 

Don’t let tire cleaners come in contact with your wheels and try not to spray cold water on hot wheels.

If you go to the car wash, don’t use steam cleaners or strong chemicals on your wheels.

To brighten up your polished wheels (wheels without a clear coat finish) use a polishing cleaner.

ROC proudly carries Mothers line of products for all your cleaning, finishing and protection needs!

Choosing a Tire

Your choice of golf cart tire mainly depends on the intended application or the type of surface your cart will see the majority of its time. Size will play a major role along with tread patterns for the overall appearance of the cart. 

Not all are created equal, while some tires make look similar at first glance, you may want to look a little deeper. The specialty tire market has seen an invasion of private label products out of China and elsewhere, especially in the golf cart market.

“They say imitation is a form of flattery, we think more of it like theft”.

Tire Pressure

Correct tire pressure is vital to the overall performance of your cart effecting handling, braking, ride comfort, and load capacities

While tire pressures (psi) are stamped on the sidewall of all tires it does not mean this is the correct psi for your cart. The psi on the sidewall is the pressure to achieve max load capacity.

Air pressure is set by the vehicle manufacturers with recommended pressure listed in the owner’s manual. Most carts operate between 20-22 psi

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