Yamaha Drive Rear Seat Kit

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Rear seat is the basic accessories of golf carts for style, comfort, and more space for passengers or cargo,the details are as below:

1. Fit for YAMAHA DRIVE model golf carts.

2. Textured Powder Coated, Black. Aluminum cargo deck and 360 degree bed rail for securing cargo

3. Powder-coated in black for an attractive durable frame

4. Weatherproof Cushions featuring flame and fungus retardant foam, and the stone、black Cushion for your choice  

5. Complete rear seat Include: Big seat frame( x1)、small seat frame(x1)、big plastic board(x1)、small plastic board(x1)、brackets(x2)、 bag well bracket(x1)、 seat back( x1)、seat bottom(x1)、strap(x1)、footrest brackets(x2)、seat back brackets(x2)、seat back support( x1)、armrest (x2)、footrest(x1、front bracket brace(x1)、hardware packs and the installation instruction